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It’s a funny thing about winter. If you just hide under a blanket and pretend it doesn’t exist you’ll have a long, boring hibernation. But embrace the snow and you can create some of your best family memories. Bundle up, eat well and you’ll be ready to keep moving through everything the Canadian winter has to offer families. Winter Carnivals: Head out as a group to check out the fun. Some options include Quebec’s Winter Carnival, Ottawa’s Winterlude, the Vernon Winter Carnival in BC, Silver Skate in Alberta or the Children’s Winterfest in PEI. Dogsledding: This family trip will get you moving and keep you laughing. You can choose to...
Winter impacts our bodies in many negative ways: dry skin, chilblains and respiratory difficulties, not to mention the stress, chronic fatigue and mood-related problems that can plague some people due to lack of exposure to... Read more
Family traditions don’t have to be complicated or time consuming, but it is good to have them. They give kids special moments to remember, rituals that provide a sense of belonging and identity. They also strengthen bonds in the family and impart family values. What’s most important in the choice of your traditions is to make sure that everyone is having a good time—and everyone takes part. Traditions around meals If Sunday dinners are too much work, you can make Sunday “pancake day.” Or visit a local diner for brunch...
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