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Why Competition is Good for Your Health

Every year it happens: I toy with the idea of returning to competitive figure skating, even in my 30s. As it turns out, I’m not alone. Although, according to Statistics Canada, only six percent of adults are actively involved in competitive sports on a regular basis, there are many of us who use an event, like a marathon, competition or race, to motivate us with our fitness goals. Every year, hundreds of thousands of Canadians gear up for competitive events in every thing from body building to dancing to dragon boat racing, all for the love of fitness and pushing ourselves to another level, both physically and mentally. Because of sports, from a young age, I learned to do things like cope with stress, be disciplined, eat nutritiously, get plenty of sleep and I also learned the limits of what my body could do—jumps, spins, falling down, etc. All of that knowledge added up to a healthy dose of confidence as I got older, especially when it came to teaching fitness for a living in my 20s. For my friend, Matt, an avid cyclist, it’s the annual Ride to Conquer Cancer that gives him the motivation to train hard on(…)

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