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Recipe created by Hubert Cormier, nutritionist: “Of all the snacks you can make for the armchair athlete, nachos are probably among the healthiest and most varied. All it takes is a bit of originality to adapt the classic recipe into a healthy, finger-licking treat! (Girls, it’s never been easier to convince your boyfriend to eat healthy.) What’s my recipe secret? I use a mix of ground chicken and canned lentils, and I replace the sour cream with a lightly spiced Greek yogurt! What’s more, to balance the flavours, I like to add a touch of sweetness. That’s why I make my salsa with a mix of cherry tomatoes and exotic fruit. Even if you don’t like watching sports on TV, these nachos will certainly make up for it!”

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My top two New Year’s resolutions: to eat healthier food and to spend less money. So why not kill two birds with one stone, and pack a lunch for work more often? Just whip up a large batch of this recipe on your own time over the weekend, divide it into individual serving sizes, and pop them in the freezer. Then grab a home-cooked, ready-made meal on your way out the door in the morning. It’s easy, delicious and thrifty! This homemade prosciutto and ricotta fazzolletti (stuffed Italian pasta) with creamy Greek yogurt rosé sauce is an excellent (and delicious!) kick-off to keeping your New Year’s resolutions without disappointing your inner gourmet.

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