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Andréanne Tremblay-Lebeau

Registered Dietitian

Andreanne earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree in nutrition from the Université de Montréal. As a registered dietitian, she specializes in healthy weight management, healthy eating, nutrition education and cooking. She has shared her passion for food by contributing to the writing of the Québec Celiac Foundation cookbook in Montréal and by giving cooking workshops for primary school children and university students.

Articles by this author
Coconut’s characteristic smell and flavour are like a ray of sunshine in my day. Just thinking about this exotic fruit, I can picture myself on the beach, my feet immersed in turquoise water and my skin being warmed by the hot southern sun. Whether it’s fresh, baked in macaroons or in a chicken sautée, coconut adds an exquisite taste to sweet or savoury dishes. I never get tired of it. But what about its nutritional content? First, you should know that all coconut products are not equal and do not have the same nutritional value. Coconut pulp or meat, the white part inside the fruit, is high in dietary fibre...
Parties are special events when treats and indulgences are allowed. That’s part of what makes them special, and they allow young and old alike to share a happy moment with a full belly and satisfied taste buds. When we have our little ones’ health in mind, we sometimes find ourselves torn between spoiling them with a treat or being responsible and serving them something healthy. Why not do both? A good strategy is to serve cake as the treat and round out snack time with healthy bites. Here are some ideas: Mexican Fiesta Homemade mini pita pizzas: whole-wheat pitas, tomato sauce or salsa, lean ground beef, bell peppers, olives, low-fat...
So you’ve had enough of the grey winter weather and decided to escape to a sunny, all-inclusive resort? Great idea! You can soak up the warm rays and relax since, on an all-inclusive vacation, all the chores and cooking will be taken care of. In order to avoid digestive problems, big or small, and to reduce the risk of overeating and overdrinking, here are a few tips to help you make good choices during your next vacation. Meals: When possible, pick a restaurant with an à la carte menu. All-you-can-eat buffets are more “dangerous,” because they encourage overeating. Eating at regular times will also help you moderate your eating habits. Snacks...
Snacks sometimes get a bad rap. They stand accused of contributing to caloric overconsumption, encouraging us to consume empty calories or ruining our appetite at mealtimes. Is any of this really true? When snacking is planned and includes good food choices, snacks can have several positive effects on our diet. They can help us meet our daily nutrient needs, or better manage our meals by helping us control hunger between meals. Being famished right before mealtime encourages us to overeat and eat too quickly which, in turn, makes digestion slower and more difficult. Snacking can help prevent this from happening. Here are the basic principles of smarter snacking: 1- Have...
cooking with kids
Teaching kids to cook certainly requires a good dose of motivation, free time and patience. But the time and effort are not lost, because cooking with your kids has many advantages including sharing family traditions, discovering new foods, spending quality time together and developing creativity and organization skills, among other things. The benefits Start or continue teaching your kids about healthy eating. When cooking, you can explain to them why it is important for their health to eat lots of colourful fruits and vegetables that provide their bodies with fibre and vitamins, or milk products that are essential for proper development and healthy bones and teeth. Encourage picky eaters to...
It’s something we just can’t escape! As December 31st approaches, we feel the need or desire to adopt resolutions that will get us off on the right foot for the new year. This tradition certainly has its upside, but we can all feel discouraged when those resolutions prove hard to keep. It’s important, then, to make resolutions that reflect our personalities and to vary them from one year to the next. Here are a few suggestions for original New Year’s resolutions. Dare to try something new. Have you always wanted to try hot yoga, scuba diving, snowshoeing, speed skating, zumba or snowboarding? Now’s the time to start! Take advantage of...

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