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Anne-Julie Maltais

External Communications Manager at Danone Canada

Anne-Julie holds a Bachelor’s degree in communications from the Université Laval and she is currently completing her MBA degree. She has worked in a variety of sectors, from law firms to cinema and even Canada Grand Prix. Anne-Julie is the External Communications Manager at Danone Canada. It’s with great enthusiasm that she will share how this international company differentiates itself here with its social, corporate and environmental projects.

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Summer is here and playgrounds around the country are filled with kids of all ages coming together to play soccer, one of the most popular sports in the world. In fact, in 2011 more than 700,000 Canadians under the age of 18 signed up for one of the many soccer leagues across the country. This wave of popularity is also sweeping across Quebec. More than 200,000 soccer players make up the 300 teams in the province that play indoors or outdoors, and on either natural or synthetic fields. Played in almost every country, soccer, or “football” to our european neighbours, is the most-watched sport in the world. The popularity of...
Breakfast is important to your kids' health
It’s well known that breakfast is a very important meal. Our blogger Sandy Braz wrote about it last March, giving us some practical tips to make sure we don’t skip breakfast. Obviously, eating breakfast is essential for both children and adults alike, but the consequences of skipping this meal are especially important for children. Studies show that children who don’t eat a good breakfast show signs of fatigue in the morning. They have shorter attention spans and generally have trouble concentrating. With children constantly growing and learning, they need all the energy and skills they can muster to ensure their academic success. Another interesting fact, according to About Kids Health,...
Yogurt is part of a complete breakfast
Today, all of us are trying to do more for the environment. Recycling, turning lights off, use public transit – each day brings about small acts that are beneficial to the environment. Each trip to the store also brings its own set of questions: Am I buying a local product? Is it recyclable? Is there too much packaging? Danone wanted to do its own small act for the environment and posed the following question: How can we reduce our ecological footprint? As Danone’s packaging accounts for 40% of its ecological footprint, the answer was a obvious. Naturally, efforts and time were invested into research to rethink our packaging. Two innovations...

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