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Increase your Consumption of Fruits and Veggies with Organic Baskets

Andréanne Tremblay-Lebeau

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Summer is at its peak, and with it comes an array of delicious fresh fruits and vegetables! Many people increase their consumption of fruits and vegetables in summer as there are more fresh ingredients to be found at the market. Or maybe because seasonal foods taste better and the heat makes us want to eat lighter.

Whatever the reason, one thing is certain: your digestive system is probably very happy with the change as you eat more dietary fibres that promote optimal digestion. If you’re still not getting enough fruits and vegetables in your diet, a new, convenient solution has emerged in recent years in the form of organic baskets, often delivered right to your door.

How do organic baskets work?

It’s very simple — all you need to do is find a company that offers fruit and vegetable baskets in your area. Some farms deliver directly to your home or office; others have drop-off points in convenient places where you can shop every week or as often as the farm allows.

Farms usually offer different sizes of baskets for individuals or families. The cost for the season depends on the size of your basket and you usually have to pay most or all of the cost upfront at the start of the season. The fruits and vegetables offered during the summer vary according to the harvest. Sometimes you will be able to add extra ingredients to your basket as needed, when you choose your weekly basket.

To find a farm that offers fruit and vegetable basket delivery in your area, visit the following sites. Make sure to check that the ingredients are organic.

Montréal and Québec




Do you have fruit left over at the end of the week and don’t know how to use it up? Try making a tasty fruit salad, use probiotic yogurt as a delicious fruit dip, or create your own yogurt parfait with vanilla probiotic yogurt and homemade granola.

Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables all summer not only promotes good digestion, but also allows you to help and support local farmers. All you need to do is find the right local farm for you!

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