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What You Should Know About Your Morning Coffee

Sandy Braz

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That morning coffee or evening glass of wine with dinner could be limiting your body’s ability to digest food as well as it could. The reason: dehydration.

Of course, we are talking about everyday dehydration, not the kind you would endure in the desert. For example, it takes more than 575 mg of caffeine to feel a diuretic effect that will leave to dehydratation.

We’re more susceptible to dehydration in the morning, when we’re likely to have a cup of coffee to kick off the day. Unfortunately, it’s also been hours since your last drink of water by the time you wake up in the morning, so you’re even more vulnerable to feeling the onset of dehydration within a couple of hours. Similarly, if you’re having a glass of wine with dinner, coupled with a light day of drinking water, you might find yourself feeling a bit dried out and run down.

Both alcohol and caffeine (when taken in large amounts) are diuretics and dehydrating to the system. Dehydration can have a negative impact on your digestive health as water is essential for regular intestinal transit.

Symptoms of dehydration include headache, mild nausea, dry mouth and feeling faint, according to an online article published by Mayo Clinic staff, and it occurs when more fluid is lost than is taken in, and liquids like caffeine and alcohol simply speed up the dehydration process.

But, give up coffee?

But you don’t have to eliminate caffeine or alcohol from your diet altogether. Just consume these in moderation and stock up on digestive-friendly substitutes when possible, like sparkling water, yogurt drinks, milk, and herbal tea.

Helpful tip: Try to drink one to two cups (250 ml) of water for every glass of coffee or alcohol. It will improve body hydration. Also, try to increase consumption of water-dense foods like fruits and vegetables, as it’ll help with replenishing the body.

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