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10 Ways To Get Your Home Ready For Spring

Sandy Braz

Sandy Braz

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It’s a time we look forward to, when things begin to feel fresh and light again, after a long, cold winter. It’s spring again, and soon you’ll start thinking about a little spring cleaning.

Here are 10 tips to get your home spring-ready:

  1. Have carpets cleaned. There are many environmentally-safe options on the market today, so shop around.
  2.  Give towels, sheets, pillow cases and blankets a wash, but be sure to leave a set out for use!
  3. Get your broom out and sweep under furniture when possible, especially those areas rarely given attention.
  4.  Give windows a cleaning. Use your garden hose for hard to reach spots on the outer windows and just some soapy water and a sponge for the inside.
  5. Toss things like condiments and produce that have passed their due date.
  6.  On a warmer day, open all of the windows in your home to get a good cross-ventilation going.
  7. Have clothes and jackets that have been stowed for the winter washed or dry cleaned—it’s a great way to get that feeling of “clean” in an instant.
  8. Don’t forget about your car—it’s needs a spring cleaning, too! Vacuum seats and vents and wipe down the dashboard and steering wheel—like new!
  9. Steam clean your couch. There are several portable and mobile units on the market today that you can have a fresh couch in under 20 minutes!
  10. Finally, give your house a good old fashioned dusting—from light fixtures to kitchen cupboards, give it a once-over..

Try not to overwhelm yourself, break up tasks into small chunks. You’ll be done and ready to enjoy your house in no time.

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