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5 simple steps to daily vitality

Sandy Braz

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What does it mean to be vital? To possess vitality? Definitively, in the dictionary, it means to have “Physical or intellectual vigor; energy”—so what does that look like in modern life? For your consideration today, when thinking about your own daily vitality, here are five things to try:

  1. Something to look forward to: Think of something you’re looking forward to, like the weekend, a vacation, date night or time with your kids. This can help to keep your spirits up and put you in a positive frame of mind in tough moments.
  2. Mediating: This isn’t new to us—we know it’s good for us already! But did you know that meditation can create a boost in happiness? Another good reason to try it!
  3. Yep, yoga. I may be biased, but yoga can do wonders for breathing life back into your day. It doesn’t have to be complicated yoga either. Even a few simple stretches, for four to five minutes, can have anti-stress benefits.
  4. Naps: Ahhh, if we only had time to do this one! But what about on a weekend, after lunch? Or under a tree after a family picnic? It doesn’t have to be the best slumber of your life, just a purposeful one. Studies have shown that a good nap can have positive affects on mood, fatigue and alertness.
  5. Snacking: When you feel vital and energetic, you look it too, and the foods we eat can also contribute to that look of vitality. Consuming things like probiotic yogurt, and other low-fat dairy products, can have some impact on your body, including healthier hair. Add in ground flaxseeds or walnuts (for omega-3 fatty acids and zinc) to your yogurt cup and you have yourself some healthy hair food to-go.

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