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Reading labels is healthy

Easy Tips for a Heart-Healthy Life

Sue Riedl

Sue Riedl

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Lowering your cholesterol comes down to embracing healthy habits that eventually become second nature. Like Pavlov’s dog who would start to salivate when the dinner bell rang, we can hone our reflexes to help us live healthier lives and make it easy to get back on track if we stray.

Know your BMI

Your body mass index uses height and weight to determine what your personal ratio should be for ultimate health. Know your healthy BMI measurement and how clothes fit you at that weight. When the belt starts to get a little tight, you’ll automatically know to indulge less and up your activity level.

Eat healthy

Make better food choices. You can train yourself to reach for the apple rather than the chips. Start choosing fresh fruit or high-fibre crackers spread with peanut butter for snacks. Store drinkable yogurt (fortified with plant sterols that can reduce cholesterol) in the office fridge. With healthy food at hand a slip-up will be easily remedied.

Read Labels

When you’re shopping for groceries, check the labels for sugar, sodium, fat content and fibers. Soon you’ll automatically know what to throw in the cart and what to avoid. Another plus: check for foods that have been fortified with omega-3 fatty acids or plant sterols.

Stay Active

Aside from the regular exercise routine, we can train ourselves to move more on an everyday basis. Give up the elevator and take the stairs. Get your coffee from a cafe a few blocks away and actively engage in playing with your kids instead of just supervising offside.

Annual Check-Up

Plug an annual check-up into your PDA and have the reminder pop up yearly. Remember to discuss with your doctor if it’s time to check your cholesterol if there’s a family history of raised levels of cholesterol or if you’ve gained weight and changed your lifestyle, you might need closer monitoring.

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