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Run or walk for your favorite cause.

Five Ways to Raise Money for a Good Cause and Help the Heart

Sue Riedl

Sue Riedl

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If you’d like to raise money for a charity you love why not include fitness in the plans? You can warm your heart by helping others and warm up your heart by keeping fit.

1. Street Fundraiser:

Start small on your own driveway or get a permit and close your street for a day. You can organize a charity skip-a-thon for kids and adults. Or you can have a dance-a-thon with different types of music playing all afternoon.

2. Group Work:

Motivate your favourite gym instructors to help run all-day Zumba classes or step classes in the gym. You can even do a yoga marathon in a shaded park.

3. Provide a Service:

A car wash is an easy way to raise money. You’ll keep moving hosing down cars and reaching over the hood with your soapy cloth. You can also offer other services—pulling weeds, raking leaves or even organizing garages. With a group of people the work will go fast and be fun.

4. Kids Triathlon:

Make the race short and have lots of cheering families along the way. The swim can be at an outdoor pool, the run and cycle at a nearby park. Celebrate with a BBQ after to congratulate the kids on their success.

5. Walk or run:

Incorporate these common forms of exercise into a fundraiser. You can either join a large-scale event organized by the city or organize a smaller event yourself at the school or local community centre.

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