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Keeping your Smart Phone Clean

Sandy Braz

Sandy Braz

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I don’t even want to think about what’s living on my iPhone these days—between the number of times I drop it, lose it in my purse and spill food on it, oh my…

Other than giving my cell a wipe-down with a napkin or damp cloth now and then, there’s not much I do to keep my gadget free of bacteria. I’d imagine it’s probably something most of us take for granted.

It’s a fact that germs can (and do) live on our most-used surfaces: cellphones, MP3 players, heart monitors, home phones, watches—these things are part of our daily lives and yet, we probably don’t spend much time thinking about how to de-germ them, even though they’re in our hands and against our skin and faces. Without even realizing it, we could be spreading germs to our loved ones and coworkers this way.

…okay, now that I’ve made you sufficiently petrified of germs, some good news to share!

A little research reveals that there are inexpensive and effective ways to clean and disinfect your favourite gadgets, to help reduce the risk of spreading germs and catching a bug—here are 3 ways:

  1. VIOLight ($30): Just put your phone or music player in on the base, cover with the UV dome and the device sort of gives your gadgets a tan! Not really, but the UV rays is supposed to kill germs.
  2. Techlink iPhone & iPad Cleaning Kit—Anti-Bacterial Wipes & Drying Cloth ($20) Wipe away built-up dirt, dust, grease and fingerprints; ideal for screens and high-gloss surfaces, leaving them clean with fewer bacteria.
  3. Wireless Wipes (11 wipes for $2.95): Fast drying, non-streaking and non-corrosive, these wipes are safe for all electronic devices. And the best part is that they come in scents like pomegranate citrus, green tea cucumber, and rosemary peppermint.

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