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Our Best Tips for Swimsuit Season

Sandy Braz

Sandy Braz

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In a previous life, I worked with swimsuit models on photo shoots and always wondered how those women always seemed to look effortless in waterproof spandex. And then, one day, I just asked them.

The secret? Eat well, stay active.

It wasn’t crazy dieting, excessive exercise or simply genetics that made these women look good in swimsuits. In fact, they were healthy sizes, various shapes and from various ethnic backgrounds. But the two things they all had in common were that they 1. tried to avoid foods that bloated 2. stayed active to help keep up the physiques they had worked so hard on all year.

So how does model advice apply to your swimsuit selection this summer?

Bloating. That “full feeling” can make you uncomfortable after eating; physically, you can look as though you’ve swallowed a balloon! Unfortunately, it can also make you feel that way, too. The solution: Get to   know which foods can bloat you and make a list of equally satisfying and nutritious meals that won’t leave you feeling this way. Stick to your swimsuit-safe list of foods all summer and you should notice a difference within a few days of eating right.

Exercise. So it’s summer and you haven’t worked out in months. Uh-oh? Not at all. The solution: A brisk walk, jog, tennis, Frisbee, surfing or a few good laps in the pool will help keep you in a positive frame of mind. It worked for those models. That alone made a huge difference in how they felt and, ultimately, how they looked in their swimsuits.

And speaking of the swimsuit itself, it’s come a long way in shape and style. Whether it’s for a game of beach volleyball, tennis, skateboarding or surfing, you can do all of those things with a suit that fits in all the right places.

Here are three great suit styles for your lifestyle:

  1. The one-piece with straps: Great for activities that involved a lot of overhead stretching, lots of water pressure (think surfing or jet-skiing). It offers coverage in the right places and can be contouring around the abdomen and hips.
  2. The strapless one-piece: I personally love this style. It’s great for jumping between sun-bathing (no shoulder tan lines!) and laps in the pool to cool off. This year, floral patterns and retro-style suits are making a big comeback, which is great, since extra coverage and patterns can do wonders.
  3. The classic two-piece: For an active day, the traditional “string” bikini won’t cut it. But a sportier two-piece is a better option if you want to get some sun on your tummy and also have chest support.

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