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Rebecca Keenan: Keeping a Balance and Staying Healthy This Winter

Emma Waverman

Emma Waverman

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Rebecca Keenan is nothing if not honest, in her blog Playground Confidential. This urban mama doesn’t hold back when it comes to the trickiness of balancing three kids under six.

Emma: You have a newborn, a three-year-old and five-year-old. How are you finding it?

Rebecca: There are moments that are hairy but so far it is okay. I’m much more laid-back with my third and I just don’t try to do too much. We take everything in stride. I have learned a few things about trying to stay sane like walking.

Emma: Walking? That’s it?

Taking a brisk walk is my favourite new thing to do. I put Irene (the 3-year-old) in the stroller, I wear the baby and off we go. We walk about 20 minutes to my parents’ house and then have a cup of tea and walk quickly back.

I am not a runner, I need a destination so walking is perfect for me.

Emma: Will you keep it going in winter?

Rebecca: Yes. I figure lifting the stroller over the snowbanks will be good strength training.

Emma: You’ve found a way to be active, how do you try keeping your whole house healthy?

Rebecca: Nutrition is a constant thing that every mother stresses about—especially with a three-year-old who turns her nose up at everything. But I cook and just try and stay sane about it. I just bought a kilo of quinoa, so that is a start. And I know it is weird but my kids like grain salads with lots of veggies in it.

Emma: You often refer to your neighbourhood in your posts. How does living in the Junction in downtown Toronto helps keep you healthy?

Rebecca: I love my neighbourhood and I think the feeling of connection we get from being part of a community is very important. When we are feeling cooped up, we walk out the front door and find something to do.

Emma: With a little one, do you worry about getting sick?

Rebecca: The bigger kids have already brought home a couple different plagues from school, but as long as I’m breastfeeding I don’t worry too much. She hasn’t got anything worse than a stuffy nose so far. I mean, I try to encourage hand washing and to keep the toys they’ve dug out from the depths of who-knows-where out of baby’s lap, but there’s only so much you can do.

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