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Secrets of energetic people

Sandy Braz

Sandy Braz

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Is there a secret to energetic people? Do they know something we don’t or possess something those who are less energetic do not? If there’s one thing that is measurable amongst vital people it’s their habits, or rather their series of habits.

Probably one of the single-most important attributes of energetic people is diet, and a healthy, well-rounded one at that. Quite simply, food is fuel, so making a choice to commit to a variety of nutrient-dense foods, like fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, poultry or lean meat and dairy products like yogurt and low-fat milk is key.

In addition to a good diet, when it comes to energy, lifestyle is everything.

In an article by Piers Steel, Ph.D., bases on the research It’s the little things that matter: An examination of knowledge worker’s energy management, there are sets of behaviors that we can distinguish between those who are motivated, driven and exemplify vitality, versus those who commonly experience lethargy or fatigue.

Although this is a very brief overview (read the full article here), Steel outlines the following common habits of vital people:

  1. Learn something new
  2. Focus on what gives me joy in work
  3. Set a new goal
  4. Do something that will make a colleague happy
  5. Make time to show gratitude to someone I work with
  6. Seek feedback
  7. Reflect on how I make a difference at work
  8. Reflect on the meaning of my work

On the flipside, the following habits are connected to workers with lower vitality:

  1. Drink a caffeinated beverage
  2. Talk to someone about common interests (e.g., sports)
  3. Listen to music
  4. Surf the web
  5. Check and send personal email or text messages
  6. Make plans for the evening or weekend
  7. Day dream
  8. Shop

Although this article by Steel looks solely at vitality in a workplace setting, given the time we spend at work and working, it’s important to consider how adopting positive habits regardless of the environment.

Whether you’re at work, at home or making your mark within the community, doing it with a sense of vitality will shine through and make you stand out. The question then isn’t what energetic people have that we don’t, but rather what they do.

Keeping a list of what equates “vitality” (like the one above) can help, but ultimately, it’s what we choose to do with our food, family, work, community and personal time that amount to our sense of vitality in life. Ultimately, it’s what counts the most.

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