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Springtime Resolutions

Sandy Braz

Sandy Braz

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“By March, you’ll know”, read one article, on the topic of resolutions. In the early days of spring, you’ll know, it said, whether the resolutions made in January held any weight. Because spring is when our commitment to self-improvement seems to come second to the sweet chirping of birds, the bright notes of flowers and blue in the sky. Sunny days can be very distracting.

So, here we are, March, and I’m giving my own 2012 list the ole once-over, wondering how I’ve held up. Digestion and diet were in my top five of things to improve, alongside, traveling more and worrying less.

So far, I’ve done pretty well. I’ve included more probiotic foods in my diet and I’ve been on vacation already, with a trip planned to New York this summer. I’m more conscious of my digestion, especially when I travel, since digestion seems to slow when I’m away from home. By taking yogurt, nuts, seeds and dried fruit to the airport with me, I can control hunger pangs and keep digestion running along. I used to be shy, thinking people would stare if I pulled out meals from my purse, but now I realize that it’s a smart way to travel.

When I lose my way though (and it happens!), I refer back to my 2012 list, which I have saved in my iPhone for quick reference. When I feel myself reaching for hard-to-digest foods or wanting to back out of travel plans, I do one of these:

  1. Email a friend: Nothing helps get me back on track more than guilt from a good friend! Kidding. But seriously, a quick message to a support system, like a buddy or my husband, can help when I’m feeling unmotivated to stick to my goals.
  2. Baby steps: Maybe it’s been a weekend of eating in excess high-fat and high-sugar foods, but don’t sweat it. Slowly, over the days that follow, get back on the wagon and shake off the guilt. Learn from the experience of falling off track, and then get back on it.
  3. Exercise: For me, it’s exercise that replenishes my motivation. For others, maybe it’s listening to energizing music, mediating or talking to a mentor for redirection; whatever gets you motivated, use it as a tool to reach all of your goals in 2012.

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