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Is your favourite snack safe at the office?

Strategies to Keep Yogurt Thieves at Bay!

Nathalie Rivard

Nathalie Rivard

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So you like to bring a packed lunch to work every day, which works out great…except that the person you share a cubicle with has sticky fingers! He likes to raid the office fridge and help himself to your favourite yogurt snack! Oh he claims it’s not him, but the yogurt smears around his mouth and the spoon in his hand give him away every time! Well if you want to hang onto your yogurt (and you’re not ready to confront your sneaky colleague just yet!), here are a few tips that might help:

  • Strategy #1 — Camouflage the yogurt: pour it into a Mason jar—or just put the pack inside a paper bag—and label it “Lab Sample.”
  • Strategy #2 — Put a sticky note on your yogurt that will make your thief think twice before taking it, like “I love you even more for leaving my yogurt alone.” Or “If you touch my yogurt, I will not be responsible for my actions,” and sign it like a legal waiver form!
  • Strategy #3 — Keep the yogurt in a refrigerated lunchbox and lock it in your desk drawer.

Another idea would be to bring in enough yogurt for everyone in the office to share—that way you’re sure to get a taste!

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