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The Benefits of Travel

David Nathan

David Nathan

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We sometimes think of our travels as just the pretty pictures we take and the magnificent tan we get on tropical beaches. Yet the benefits of travel go beyond an eye-catching skin tone. Getting away is good for us, both psychologically and physically.

Reduce daily stress
One of the benefits often noticed when we travel is reduced stress. Lying on a beach with a good book or climbing the slopes of Everest, whatever activity you choose will probably help you to considerably reduce your stress after a few days, or even a few hours.

Enjoy the sun’s benefits
While the sun and its ultraviolet rays can be dangerous when we spend too much time exposed to them or without protection, the sun is also a formidable ally for our health. In fact, its rays enable us to synthesize vitamin D, essential to healthy bones. As well, the visible light emitted by the sun modifies the production of certain molecules in our bodies, which has a beneficial impact on our mood. Light therapy is now used to help treat seasonal depression during the winter, a period of the year when the percentage of sunshine is greatly reduced.

Make a clean break
You may have noticed that the simple fact of not being in one’s daily environment can play a beneficial role in a person’s well being, by considerably reducing stress in some people. When we travel, it is preferable to make a clean break from our work and leave our troubles behind us in order to enjoy this time out from routine. So, leave your work at home and turn off your smart phone. You’ll soon feel relaxed.

Replenish yourself
Among the unquantifiable but real benefits of travel are the notions of pleasure and rebirth. Going on a trip means changing one’s rhythm, environment, time zone, food. All of these changes can create a very agreeable feeling and many travellers sense they are replenishing themselves when they travel.

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