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To prepare

  1. Add the syrup to the Oikos plain Greek yogurt and enjoy!

Take Care Of Yourself With Greek Yogurt and Apple Syrup

These days, I take OK care of myself. I don’t really know why. Maybe it has something to do with my break-up, busy work schedule and overactive social life. I get invited to parties and events almost every night. I get together with a friend for coffee almost every morning. Mid-morning, I write. I go to business lunches. In the evenings, I give wine tips at Buvette. And then it starts all over again, more obligations, discoveries and creations. And I’m not complaining either. I even enjoy the moments that throw me off kilter and shake me up a little. However, such a hectic lifestyle does bring about some collateral damage: I don’t eat very well, my sleeping pattern is off, I drink a ridiculous amount of coffee… The few free minutes I get to myself, you can find me petting my cat and looking into oblivion. And when I really feel like taking care of myself, even for just a second, I sit in front of the TV, snuggled under a wool blanket, with something healthy and comforting to snack on. It’s like my way of pampering my body, before attacking another crazy day head on.

Author: Catherine Draws

Foodie blogger



  • To taste apple syrup
1 min.

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