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5 Apps That Will Keep You In Shape

David Nathan

David Nathan

Shape up:

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2012 marked the arrival of the smartphone and its many applications into our lives. Here are five applications that will help you stay in shape.

Couch to 5k: to get back into sports
As its name suggests, Couch to 5K is an application that will make you get off your sofa and help you run your first five kilometres without suffering and without stopping. Thanks to different progressive and motivating training plans (from 20 to 30 minutes), the application will support you as you progress over a nine-week period. Couch to 5K is ideal for beginners and those wanting to get back into sports activities and gradually build up their cardio endurance.

RunKeeper: to visualize your training sessions
This is an application that is as useful for beginners as for seasoned athletic types. RunKeeper allows you to keep track of all your sports activities (jogging, cycling, in-line skating), thanks to the GPS function of your smartphone. One of the strong points of this application is the possibility of concretely seeing the results of your training session directly after you finish: total distance, average speed, calories expended, as well as the path you took on a GoogeMaps map. The only thing left for you to do is to share your performance on the social networks.

Virtual Trainer: for a complete physical workout
Virtual Trainer is a little like having a personal trainer in one’s pocket. With more than 250 exercises, targeting different muscle groups and 120 training programs that last from 6 to 60 minutes, you will surely find the one that suits you best. Photos of all movements allow you to adopt the right positions and avoid injuries. Once you have tried out all the programs, you can create your own routine. Hours of exercising await you.

Yoga Stretch: a calming workout
Everyone knows that yoga has incredible positive benefits for the body and spirit. With Yoga Stretch, you’ll have a constant companion handy for your yoga workouts. The application allows you to create a customized program with music of your choice to accompany it, or you can choose among one of the routines suggested by an instructor.

Abdominals: getting that six pack look
If you dream of having a flat stomach and abs of steel, here’s an application that will help you in your pursuit of the hallowed six-pack: The Ab workout. This app contains not only loads of exercises, but also a calendar that keeps track of the days on which you have trained. A very practical feature is the voice that gives you instructions and counts your reps. The basic version of the application is free, but you can buy the pro version, which gives you the possibility of personalizing your workouts, notably by modifying the number of reps you do for each exercise.

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