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Get inspired to work out your out with classic kid's sports

Rediscovering Sports you Loved as a Child

Sue Riedl

Sue Riedl

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Playing sports as a kid was about running around and laughing your head off. Being active makes us feel good. Laughing with friends and family could make us feel better and give us a boost, but more researches will be needed to explain why. Childhood pastimes provide a mental and physical workout. Adults are rediscovering these games as a way to add “playtime” to the schedule while improving hearth health.

Let Your Inner Kid Out

Adult dodgeball leagues are growing fast across the country. The World Adult Kickball Association has been organizing tournaments for over ten years. Even Wiffle Ball is hitting the scene; remember aiming the narrow bat at a hollow, perforated plastic ball?

Adults are rediscovering these youthful sports as a fun and social way to stay active without the pressure of having athletic skill. Joining a recreational volleyball league can be intimidating if you’ve never spiked a ball, but dodgeball or badminton on a Thursday night are accessible to everyone. At home, you can bust out a skipping rope and practice your “cross-overs” and “double unders” for twenty minutes while elevating your heart rate.

Childhood games work well for families (and family reunions) too. A tug-o-war requires upper body strength and a three-legged race will test balance and get the heart pumping. Have a water-balloon fight on a summer day. You’ll be setting a fitness example for your kids as you run, duck and chase each other outside.

If adding an exercise routine feels like another chore on the list, think of it as adding some fun instead.

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