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Move more this winter!

Staying Active Outdoors in the Winter

Sue Riedl

Sue Riedl

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Getting moving in the winter is a challenge. But the upside of the cold—believe it or not—is snow. Make the effort to get out and you’ll get a cardiovascular workout while having fun.

  • Snow is good for speed and soft landings. Your day will fly by if you decide to take up downhill or cross-country skiing or snowboarding. The web will supply a list of the closest hills and every resort will offer classes in whatever activity you choose.
  • Power walking through local parks and trails is easier on the budget.. Being away from the slush and noise of open roads will allow you to appreciate the beauty of a winter landscape. Fresh snowfall will provide extra resistance to challenge your endurance.
  • Sledding is an activity the whole family can enjoy. Your legs will be pumping every time you climb up the hill. Even making a snowman offers a workout. Rolling the balls and stacking them requires effort. The ensuing snowball fight will test your pitching arm—unless you duck into the snow fort.
  • If you already walk regularly, take up snowshoeing in the winter. As the world’s fastest growing winter sport, snowshoeing can burn more calories than street walking at the same speed.

And lastly—if you have a driveway you may have no choice but to shovel. Don’t lift too heavy a load and remember that this cardio challenge will earn you a steamy hot chocolate (low-fat milk of course!).

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