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Discover Snowshoeing as a Family

David Nathan

David Nathan

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There was a time when snowshoeing was a means of travel necessary for hunting and for daily life. Today, it is essentially a hobby which allows us to work out while enjoying the benefits of the outdoors, in the forest as well as in the city.

With children
If you’ve decided to go snowshoeing with children, you have to keep a few things in mind. First of all, don’t overestimate their capacities. When you take one step, they take two… sometimes three. Don’t venture out on a path that might be too long or too difficult. Give priority to groomed and defined paths. If your children are accustomed to snowshoeing, you can venture onto more difficult paths, leave for half a day, and even enjoy a picnic halfway through. You can initiate children as young as three years old to snowshoeing. You can provide them with ski poles which will help them find their balance.

The importance of choosing the right equipment
When the time comes to choose your equipment, you ought to be cautious, especially when it comes to choosing your snowshoes. They must be adapted to each hiker, so it’s best to seek professional advice when renting or buying. With regards to the rest of your equipment, you’ll also need to pay attention to what you and your children will be wearing: bundle up, but not too warmly, since you’ll stay active most of the time.

The perfect backpack
What should you put in your backpack? Some hikers think snowshoeing is a walk in the park, but we strongly suggest you bring a backpack with you. You can pack a Thermos filled with coffee or hot chocolate, water, a snack (yoghurt, fruit, or granola bars), tissues, a change of clothes, and additional gloves and hats. And to immortalize this wonderful day, don’t forget your camera!

Snowshoeing everywhere, or almost
Just like jogging, the advantage of snowshoeing is that you can practice anywhere: in the forest, far from any form of civilization, or in a park in the heart of the city. This is ideal for those who wish to initiate themselves to snowshoeing or who only have a few hours to dedicate to this hobby.

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