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Get Some Family Exercise with the Kinect Console

David Nathan

David Nathan

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Long gone is the time when playing a video game meant being passive in front of a screen. With new game consoles such as the Xbox Kinect, playing now means moving. Thanks to a motion sensor, we can use our own body to interact with the game. Dance game, action game, training game… Here is an excellent way to have the whole family exercise while having fun together.

Choosing your game
Kinect offers two different types of games. Those designed for entertainment (and for exercising at the same time) and those specifically designed for exercising. In both cases, it is a great way to have fun while burning energy.

No matter the game, it is important that you make your choice according to the participants’ interest. The stronger the interest for the game, the less you’ll notice the efforts you’re making. Also, consider adapting the playability by choosing different difficulty levels according to the players. The youngest and the oldest can have fun moving with Kinect. Most games feature different levels, allowing the whole family to play.

Dance Central
Dance Central is so popular and accessible to everyone that it has already become a “classic”. As its name implies, it is about dancing to popular songs and imitating the choreography you see on screen. If you are born with rhythm, then you will burn some calories to the sound of the Beastie Boys, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and many more.

Zumba Fitness
Have you heard of Zumba? It is a totally transcending mix of dance and fitness movements. Zumba has been all over the place for a few months, so finding this activity on Kinect is not a surprise. Very playful, this game will make you move as you follow basic routines to music like Reggaeton, Merengue, Salsa, and Flamenco.

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved
With more than 90 hours of exercise, you will certainly find something in this game that will make you move while having fun. You can choose the very intense Bootcamp, the Cardio-Boxing or a calmer activity like yoga. But before playing, you have to create your profile according to your age, weight, and other details so you can have access to exercises that are perfectly adapted to your physical condition.

Kinect MotionSports
If you like variety, then you will be pleased with MotionSports, which includes many sports such as soccer, boxing, skiing, football, horseback-riding, and hang-gliding. Very accessible and playful, the whole family can play and… exercise without even realizing it!

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