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Ice-Skating under the Sun

David Nathan

David Nathan

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Good news: the sun is out on this winter day and it makes you want to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather at the skating rink. But before putting your skates on and getting the children ready, here are a few useful tips.

Protect your extremities
The body is a wonderful machine that is able to adjust to the temperature variations. It is called self-regulation. That being said, it is advised to assist your body in this process. If you’ve decided to go skating for a few hours and the temperature is below zero, make sure your extremities are well protected; wear some gloves, socks, even two pairs if necessary, and above all, protect your head.

Being too hot

Just like it may be dangerous to not be warm enough, it is highly recommended not to overdress. Indeed, when skating, water evaporation will increase due to sweating and if you are dressed too warmly, you may end up being cold!

Watch out for the falls!
Even the best ice skaters can fall, so if you don’t feel comfortable on the ice, or if you are introducing your children to the joy of ice skating, do not forget your protective gear. You can find protection for your head, knees, elbows… Not only is it very important for your kids’ safety, but the feeling of being safe will also make them want to go ice skating again.

One of the most classic traps is to think that when it is cold, our skin doesn’t burn. It is wrong! Just because you don’t feel the heat of the sun rays doesn’t mean they are not dangerous. So use some sunscreen, your skin will show gratitude!

Drinking and eating
It is a well-known fact: time flies when you’re having fun. If you’re enjoying your time, you will most likely spend several hours spinning on the ice; however, don’t forget that, without you realizing it, you will be sweating and burning energy. Allow yourself to take breaks to drink and snack with a granola bar or fruit, for example.

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