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10 Gift Ideas That are Fun and Educational

David Nathan

David Nathan

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Play is essential to a child’s education. Certain games are strictly meant to be fun; others focus on learning, discovery and finding out about the world while having fun. Here are ten fun and educational games to keep your 6- to11-year-old children entertained.

1) To foster environmental awareness: 4M Paper Recycling Kit
Here is a unique gift to creatively foster children’s environmental awareness and teach them about the importance of recycling in a concrete way.

2) To learn in color : Art 101
Here is a novel idea to develop your child’s talent and introduce them to art using crayons, watercolours and pastels. The suitcase-type kit is very complete and easy to pack up and take with you.

3) To exercise the grey matter: Allumez les énigmes (Available only in French)
Develop your children’s reasoning skills and their capacity to creatively solve the challenges proposed in this matchstick game.

4) To discover music: Discovery Marching Band Kit
If it’s true that music soothes the soul, it might be wise to warn the neighbours should you pick up this set of instruments for your child. The kit includes a drum, a strap, cymbals and drum sticks.

5) To have fun with a learning app tablet: InnoTab 2S Wi-Fi Learning App Tablet
Learning tablets are an easy way to combine education and fun. The versatile InnoTab 2S Wi-Fi Learning App Tablet is one example, with features including a photo and video recorder, interactive e-books, creative activities and motion-based learning games. Another plus: the Wi-Fi connection makes downloading easy.

6) To learn how to bake: Ultimate Oven
Kids can learn the basics of baking while at the same time treating their family with this ultimate oven that comes with several accessories including a baking pan, a cupcake pan and cookie dough mix.

7) To understand light: Les pouvoirs de la lumière (Available only in French)
This kit of 24 fun and surprising hands-on experiments will enlighten your child about the magic of light. The included solar panel, mirascope, fibre optic cable and pair of 3D glasses might just spark an interest in optical engineering…

8) To create some magic: Legends of Magic Set
Harry Potter and his friends at Hogwarts will find themselves with some competition when your child gets their hands on this magic set which includes over 250 tricks using cups, balls, Chinese sticks, rings and cards, among other accessories. A DVD of performances by Houdini and other well-known magicians will get your child started.

9) To give them the moon: Moon in My Room
Parents wanting to give their children the moon will be pleased to discover that it is now possible, and kids can even hang it in their room! This toy teaches kids about the moon’s 12 phases, and comes with an audio tour.

10) To better understand the human body: Human Torso
The mysteries of the human body will soon no longer be a secret to your child with this fun figure that has nothing to hide. Detach the parts to discover the digestive, nervous and muscular systems, and learn about the inner workings of one of the greatest machines ever made: the human body!

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