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5 Tips to Help Ease the Transition to the Potty

Nathalie Rivard

Nathalie Rivard

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Potty training a toddler is just as big of a step in life as learning to walk. The big question is, when is the right time to take the plunge and say goodbye to diapers? Well it depends on several factors—not all children are ready to start potty training at the same age. On average, children become potty trained without needing diapers between the ages of two and four. And the learning phase can take between three and six months from the time the child tries the potty for the first time to when he/she no longer needs diapers at all.

Here are some signs that baby may be ready to try the potty:

● They can go more than two hours without soiling a diaper

● They start to imitate going to the bathroom and are motivated to learn

● They become more aware and start telling you when they have wet/soiled their diapers

● They try to remove their diapers and express a desire to wear panties

● They understand what to do on the potty or toilet

5 ways to help them get potty trained:

● Keep a small potty in every bathroom in the house. Potties are easier for toddlers to use than a toilet, and are more stable since their feet can touch the ground

● Make potty time fun—read your toddler stories about the potty, for example, as a fun way of teaching them how to use it. You could also keep books next to the potty, so they want to spend time on it instead of rushing off to play

● Encourage them to use the potty at regular times—first thing in the morning, after meals or naps, etc. You should also encourage them to go right before bed, so they stay clean throughout the night

● Every person who has a hand in caring for the child should work together so that their learning is consistent—guardians, day care assistants and anyone else involved in the child’s life should encourage them to use the potty whenever they want or need to

● If your child is using the potty regularly with success, and rarely wets the bed, encourage them to wear pull-ups or cotton panties. It will make them feel grown up and that you’re proud of them. If ever they have an accident, make sure not to scold them since it is perfectly normal. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Kids need time to become 100 percent diaper-free

Whether it takes six weeks or six months, always encourage and support your toddler—they all become potty trained eventually. And when that day arrives, you will be as happy as they are!

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