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A lunch box for every personality

Andréanne Tremblay-Lebeau

Andréanne Tremblay-Lebeau

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Every child is different and from a young age, they begin to develop their own personalities, which are often reflected in the foods they enjoy eating. Here’s a “food casting guide” you can use to tailor your kid’s lunch box to their personality.

  • The athlete

Always on the go, the athlete devours his/her lunch and bolts off to an activity.

In the lunch box: An all-in-one meal like a big couscous salad with legumes and colourful veggies, served with a no-added-sugar apple sauce and a Coolision yogurt.

  • The aspiring artist

A creative soul, he/she takes their time to eat and transforms whatever falls into their hands.

In the lunch box: Foods that allow them to express their creativity. Give him/her their own apron and a disposable camera and ask him/her to create their very own “food masterpiece” with items from their lunch box: raw veggies (different colours and shapes), some homemade dips, whole-wheat crackers, cheese cubes, nuts, pieces of cooked chicken, grapes.

  • The whiz

They never get enough of learning and every occasion is ideal to acquire new knowledge.

In the lunch box: Instructional, so he/she learns a new fact on every item found inside it (include a tag with information): salmon sandwich: omega-3 which is good for the brain; beet salad: full of potassium which promotes muscle contraction; orange: loaded with vitamin C; and Crush yogurt: a good source of calcium and vitamin D, two nutrients essential for healthy bones.

  • The chef-to-be

He/she wants to make their own lunches; they love handling and preparing food.

In the lunch box: A mix of his/her own choices of nutritious food. Add foods they can prep on their own: veggies in separate containers to add to the salad, sandwich ingredients they’ll be able to assemble, fruit they can cut with a plastic knife and a small carton of milk.

  • The mini fashionista

On the look-out for all things hip. Even at a young age, she wants to pick out her own outfits and accessories.

In the lunch box: Full of trendy foods like a crab salad wrap, raw veggies julienned to perfection, a homemade muffin topped with some homemade icing and edible pearls, a homemade smoothie with milk and raspberries served in a colourful plastic cup.

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