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Breakfast is important to your kids' health

Why Breakfast is a Must for your Child

Anne-Julie Maltais

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It’s well known that breakfast is a very important meal. Our blogger Sandy Braz wrote about it last March, giving us some practical tips to make sure we don’t skip breakfast.

Obviously, eating breakfast is essential for both children and adults alike, but the consequences of skipping this meal are especially important for children.

Studies show that children who don’t eat a good breakfast show signs of fatigue in the morning. They have shorter attention spans and generally have trouble concentrating. With children constantly growing and learning, they need all the energy and skills they can muster to ensure their academic success.

Another interesting fact, according to About Kids Health, is that four out of five children don’t get enough vitamins and minerals from lunch and dinner alone. Therefore, breakfast helps replenish the vitamins and minerals necessary for a child’s proper growth.

So, there’s strong evidence that children should eat breakfast every day to boost their academic performance and physical energy levels. Unfortunately, the realities of life are such that it’s not always possible for parents to feed their children in the morning. That’s the reason why the Club des petits déjeuners du Québec and Breakfast Clubs of Canada get involved to help parents accomplish this task. On every school day, the Clubs serve balanced breakfast to kids before school starts.

When he founded the first Club, Daniel Germain was keenly aware of the importance of breakfast for children, which is why he wanted to offer every child the opportunity to eat a nutritious meal before going to class. That’s also the reason why Danone has supported the Clubs since 1996. Today, nearly 200,000 Canadian children receive a nutritious breakfast in the morning to help them be alert and develop their full potential.

We couldn’t say it better than the Breakfast Clubs of Canada slogan: “A nutritious breakfast makes everything possible!”

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